Lay judge Emeritus Bonka Hristova (terminated participation in the website of Lay judges Foundation on 18.10.2022)

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Bonka Hristova – lay judge, Sofia city court (term 2007 – 2012). On the Bulgarian side, she initiated the communication with the European Network of Associations of Lay Judges (ENALJ) and represented the Republic of Bulgaria at the European Day of Lay Judges in London, United Kingdom and Brussels, Kingdom of Belgium.

Programmer; she participated in an American film production.

Съдебен заседател Бонка Христова

Archived page from an official photo shoot of Bonka Hristova on the occasion of the founding of the „Lay judges“ Foundation at the worldwide photographic agency Alamy (August 2022) — click HERE.

After the decision of October 18, 2022, by the founder and director of the „Lay judges“ Foundation, Mr. Mimo Garcia, Bonka Hristova’s participation in the website of the„Lay judges“ Foundation has been terminated.